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they once thought unattainable, and at
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to achieve their dreams!

SUFK Sponsors Valleyfair Field Trip

The Stand Up For Kids Foundation was the proud sponsor for this year's Park Center Senior High Valleyfair Field Trip. 100 students were rewarded for their efforts in school with a trip to Valley Fair. The students, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, were taken to Valleyfair where they enjoyed a full day of rides, games, a grill out lunch, and of course FUN!

For most students this was their first time to experience Valleyfair; while also giving students the opportunity to be kids and enjoy the outdoors. Some of the kids that attended were also affected by the tornadoes in North Minneapolis, giving them a few hours of peace where they didn't have to worry about some of their problems at home.

The Stand Up For Kids Foundation would like to thank Park Center Senior High for allowing us to be a part of this year's Valleyfair field trip. We are grateful for the school's and student's support and gratitude. We look forward to working with Park Center again in the future.


"We want to sincerely thank Cedric Griffin and the Stand Up For Kids Foundation for sponsoring this year's Valleyfair Field Trip. Without their support the event would not have taken place. You have made a huge impact in our student's lives and we greatly appreciate your involvement with the school." -Rosalind Bakion, Park Center High School


 Quotes From The Event:

"I would like to thank you for providing the Park Center High School students the opportunity to go on a trip to Valleyfair. It was an amazing experience especially with my friends. I really enjoyed all the rides, and definitely challenged myself to go on some of the toughest rides. Again thank you for everything!" -Sifa

"We all thank you Cedric for allowing us to visit Valleyfair. ยท We really appreciate it." -Treyton

"Thank you for the trip to Valleyfair, I really enjoyed it. Ever since my aunt passed away earlier this year I haven't been able to have much fun, but Valleyfair changed a lot of that. So thank you, you helped me cheer up a lot more thank you!" -Yimling

"Thanks for the great time at Vallyfair. I have never had so much fun. Thanks very much for helping pay for the trip. Have an amazing season in football." -Eunice

"Thank you Mr. Griffin for funding for our trip it was my first time ever going and it was the best time ever." -Adewale

"Dear Mr. Griffin, just wanted to say thank you for (sponsoring) our class to go to Valleyfair. You're the best! And thanks again. :)" -Edwina

"Thank you Cedric Griffin for funding our trip to Valleyfair. I really had a fun time, it was my first time going and I really enjoyed it, so thank you again for that wonderful experience." -Antoine

"I had a lot of fun and my favorite part was facing my fears. I never used to be a ride person before, but I challenged myself and went on the Extreme Swing and the Renegade, which I never thought I would do before. Thanks again, and have a nice day!" -Emma

"Thank you for (sponsoring) our trip to Valleyfair, we greatly appreciate. It was a great experience." -Angela

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to allow my classmates and myself to go to Valleyfair." -Jackie

"Thank you for giving me and my friends the opportunity to go to Valleyfair. We really appreciate it!" -Tyra

"Thank you so much for taking us on an amazing trip this year. We all really appreciate it very much. I had a blast!" -Alejandra

"A million thanks to you for funding for our trip to Valleyfair. It was one of the best days of my life. At Valleyfair, I overcome my fear of heights. I went on rides that I would have never dreamed I had the guts to go on; by the way it was my first time at Valleyfair. Thank you!" -Mamaka

"Thank you for funding the trip to Valleyfair. It was wonderful." -John

"Thank You Mr. Griffin for letting us go to Valleyfair last weekend. It was very fun. We honestly do appreciate your generosity." -Michael

"A trillion thanks for funding the Park Center trip to Valleyfair. My time there was a blast. I couldn't have asked for a better time." -Bryan

"Thank you for paying for Valleyfair I really appreciate it. It was my first time going to Valley Fair this year. Thanks again!" -Tiara

"Mr. Griffin, I just want to say that I am so (appreciate of) you (for) spending your hard earned cash to pay for a number of us to go to Valleyfair and providing us with food! I just want to say that I am so very grateful and may God bless you!" -Jacqueline